Producer and Consumer Risk – #8

EEs Talk Tech - An Electrical Engineering Podcast
EEs Talk Tech - An Electrical Engineering Podcast
Producer and Consumer Risk - #8

Learn more about producer risk and consumer risk! Mike Hoffman, Daniel Bogdanoff, and Matthew Woerner discuss various aspects of the risk involved in manufacturing and buying goods.

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Discussion Overview:

What is consumer risk and producer risk?
There’s always risk, so how do you manage it?
What should consumers do to be safe?

How are producers testing their products before selling them?

The history of the ballpoint pen is a good object lesson for producers @7:00
Are lifetime warranties just a marketing ploy?
Lifetime warranty transfers consumer risk into producer risk

As a producer how do you decide how long your warranty should be?

How to build reliability models for products 10:30

How can we predict a failure rate for a product?
We have use temperature chamber and other test techniques.
How do you balance AFR (annualized failure rate) with the risk of experiencing catastrophic failure ?

What is a false accept? What is the “escape rate,” what is a false pass ?
A false accept is the term for test results that should have failed, but instead pass.

How do you avoid catastrophic issues in production? 15:15
How accurate can you really be? How accurately can you measure something that takes time?

Is there a guide for the uncertainty of measurements?
Traceability is important for making reliable measurements

Fill up your gas tank early in the morning and you get more gas

What should you do now? 20:00
What is margin stackup?
Everything in a device has margin, so margin stackup is the combination of all uncertainties.

Calibration is a very wide industry, it doesn’t just apply to test and measurement! Think, car alignments, etc.

What is Matthew’s biggest challenge? 24:23

How do you make sure your measurements are accurate?

Predictions 28:00

Some companies test products based on the region that product is being sold into, as different regions can have different quality expectations.

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