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Measurement Overkill and why “Accuracy” is the Wrong Word – #42

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EEs Talk Tech - An Electrical Engineering Podcast
Measurement Overkill and why "Accuracy" is the Wrong Word - #42
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Metrology Podcast

May 20th is a special day – World Metrology Day! Get a bit of history and learn about all things metrology when you join Daniel Bogdanoff, Bob Stern, and Chris Cox in this special Metrology Day electrical engineering podcast!

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0:00 World metrology day, and a brief history of the meter and the ohm

2:00 Keysight University has FREE test gear courses!

2:45 Bob Stern, Keysight Metrologist Chris Cox, Keysight Regional Metrologist

4:30 Why does metrology matter? How does it impact us? The global economy relies on a consistency of measurement and test, which is why metrology is important. It allows measurements made in one country to be used and replicated in other countries.

7:25 Metrology and measurement traceability is important. An unbroken chain of traceability is one of the key components of metrology and calibration. It’s a bit like a game of telephone leading back to SI units.

10:00 Keysight DMMs get calibrated off the first commercially available Josephson Junction – a tool that uses quantum physics to provide a very stable voltage.

11:16 Accuracy vs. Measurement Uncertainty A production engineer might say “accuracy” but really it’s all about “measurement uncertainty” Vocabulary of international metrology (VIM):

12:15 A practical example of how different instruments have different levels of uncertainty

13:45 What’s the significance of measurement uncertainty for a user of test gear or a production engineer?

15:33 The internal adjustments that the factory makes to an instrument are some of the most closely guarded intellectual property / trade secrets.

18:15 The Army uses mobile Josephson junctions to test the DMMs used in Apache helicopter field testing.

18:45 Metrology overkills – times when people went overboard with their measurement uncertainty

21:10 How do you quantify measurement uncertainty? There’s “test uncertainty ratio” which uses your expanded measurement uncertainty.

23:00 You can also get to percent risk, which is easy to wrap your head around. Bob Stern and Chris Cox authored some papers on this topic.

24:00 Why do people make measurements in the first place? There are no perfect measurements

26:45 Metrology in the government/military vs. private sector

29:00 There are a lot of factors for metrology equipment calibration and the engineering metrology equipment. There are different “levels” of calibration and different depth of reporting

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