AI Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles – #7

EEs Talk Tech - An Electrical Engineering Podcast
EEs Talk Tech - An Electrical Engineering Podcast
AI Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles - #7

How do we handle the ethical dilemmas that arise when building increasingly capable and intelligent systems? AI is all around us- likely a part of your phone, home systems, and even cars. Autonomous cars offer greater convenience, safety, and efficiency, but is the world ready to tackle the corresponding ethical dilemmas?

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Discussion Overview:

AI Ethics
Restaurant Reviews by AI 01:41
Self-driving (autonomous) cars
AI ethical dilemma and AI decision liability
What about consumer liability?
AI decision-making without human interaction 07:25
The three stages of AI

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI also known as “weak AI”), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)  07:48
AI consciousness, AI ethical standards, and self-replicating AI
Humanoid robots
Should AI be allowed to replicate itself? 10:16
Task-based AI using computers

Is there a need to program AI to have morals and ethics?
The prisoner’s dilemma and game theory
Challenges of marketing self-driving cars

Autonomous buses emulating human behavior
Should AI have to follow local laws and regulations? 17:50
Telemetry tracking autonomous vehicles for speed monitoring

Self-programmable FPGAs and neural network simulations

Can a computer be evil? 26:30

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